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It’s not that you don’t know what needs to be done. You know what you have to do. The problem is that it ALL needs to be done NOW. How do you fit in all those urgent jobs and still somehow manage to drive your business to growth? Learning new strategies will have you flying through this muddy phase to wide open spaces of freedom in no time.

Freedom Machine shows you exactly how to:

  • Make files easily accessible for you and your team by building a cloud-based resource retrieval system
  • Effectively delegate to onsite or remote staff with well-documented processes and video instructions
  • Prioritise the development of the systems that will allow you to grow sustainably for the long term
  • Save time, money and headspace with stress-free work environments that turn workload into workflow
  • Become empowered to get your freedom back in every area of your life by breaking through operational roadblocks in your business 

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“Freedom Machine is the easy step by step guide you MUST have if you want to scale your organisation FAST. Kerry Anne has given away valuable insights to help business owners on how to save time, money and resources by implementing the right processes, culture and systems.”

Iris Du

Careerists Consulting Group

“The way to build value within a business is by building value with the business, which in turn creates the vehicle to make money.  Freedom Machine shows how to develop a ‘Saleable Asset’ and ‘Business Value’.”

Denise Hall

Exit Strategist and Business Broker

“If you want the freedom to go on holidays, go to your kid’s school concert and KNOW your business will take care of itself, then you’re in the right place. Whether you want to grow, scale or even sell your business, nailing your systems and processes is essential. Kerry Anne has laid out exactly how to do that.”

Renee Hasseldine

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From The Author

“I wrote Freedom Machine when I realised I could actually make a difference to the frustration business owners face when trying to scale their business. It is challenging to create engagement and productivity in your staff, and get people embracing the vision you have for the company in their daily work. Freedom Machine gives business owners clear guidance to set their workplace up with productivity, engagement and output that has everybody winning. Simple step by step instructions to create the management structures your team needs to work well. This is how you can sustainably expand your business to make a lasting difference.”

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