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operation verve

op-er-a-tion verve / op’e-ra’shen vurv/


  1. The act or process of functioning with consistent excellence vitality and enthusiasm
  2. A method of efficient, productive activity done with vigour, spirit and motivation

synonyms: enthusiasm, vigour, energy, vitality, liveliness, spirit, vitality, spark, force, strength, power, zest, sparkle, vivacity, animation, fizz, life, gusto, passion, zeal, fire, drive, focus, determination, motivation, flow

Discover What Inefficiencies and Poor Performance
Are Really Costing Your Business…

As an ambitious entrepreneur, you’ve probably faced one challenge after the next. Huge workloads. Long hours. Confused or needy staff. Wasted time. Misplaced resources. Overflowing inbox. More jobs than you can handle.
But it doesn’t have to stay like that.
Operation Verve works with you to increase productivity without taking more time, increasing accuracy without extra instruction, and providing greater control with less micromanagement… by creating effective documented processes.
The result?
Your staff will have the clarity, confidence and certainty. they need to improve. They’ll be more productive and get better at doing extra tasks. They will have a sense of pride and achievement, and be more engaged at work.
Operation Verve empowers entrepreneurs to create flow in their business by engaging their team, executing processes accurately and expanding sustainably.
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Our Way of Thinking…

We Care About Your Business

We care about your business like it’s our own. That’s why we work directly with business owners and their team. We want to help you succeed against the “Goliath companies”, by giving you the knowledge, skills and tools you need to create a successful business.

We Believe in What We Do

We believe growing your dream business shouldn’t be an overwhelming experience. We will show you how to create the right systems to help you work proactively ON your business, rather than being trapped IN your business so you can have sustainable growth.

We Value Education

Our consultants are qualified educators and trained in Lean Six Sigma. As certified practitioners, we use our education, skills and knowledge to empower our clients to create workplaces that flow with productivity, accuracy and efficiency.

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“Kerry Anne is an inspiration to other business owners with her tenacity and ability to push through difficult situations. Kerry Anne is an exceptional human being whose skills at bringing order and process into a small business is second to none.”

Louisa Tew, Founding Director Away Team

How Building A Team Brings Out The Best In You

Sometimes, building a team is not easy and is not always smooth sailing. Leading real-life humans with real-life challenges can be difficult. So in those times, let this blog be particularly valuable to remind you of all the great benefits that come out of building a team and relying on them to build a business that’s bigger than yourself.

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