Welcome to Offload Your Workload. In this
targeted 6 wk program we will be focused,
structured and strategic, giving you the best
onboarding system you can possibly have in the shortest possible time.


Weekly 1 hour sessions in Zoom


Ongoing email support with 24hr turnaround on work days


Create a bespoke onboarding system to expand your business team

Offload Your Workload

Where are we headed?

By the end of the program you will have a
plan to support your new hire from before their first day, right through to the end of their first 12 weeks with you. You’ll be able to fly through the set up, filling in the blanks of templated files to customise the process for your business.

Other training materials will be developed from scratch to suit your unique business. This is where our support will be invaluable, guiding you through exactly what needs to be created and the best ways to manage this process.

The good news is, once you invest in creating this system for your first hire, you will be able to use it again and again as you keep growing, hiring more people with ease to give you the capacity to grow and scale.

Your new hires will be welcomed with a process which incorporates these four essential pillars:

Offload Your Workload


There are many pivotal aspects of your business motivations that are intanglible. Create a simple system to introduce your new hire to the vision, mission and culture of your business.

Offload Your Workload


Teach your new hire how to meet the expectations of their role, clarifying exactly what they will be responsible for, and showing them how they will be trained, supported and rewarded.

Offload Your Workload


Social connections are the lifeblood of an engaged workforce. Connect your new hire with other key members of your team so they know who they are accountable to, and how to get support.

Offload Your Workload


Square away the admin by creating an easy process for the managmeent of the agreements, insurances, certifications and salary arrangements you need to employ your new hire.

How Does It Work?

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Step 4:
Conduct your Onboarding Call with one of our team

Step 5:
Complete your 6 Weekly sessions with us to Offload Your Workload like a pro!

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About Your Mentor

Kerry Anne Nelson is a born manager of highly productive, engaged teams. Since the early 2000s, Kerry Anne has led her own staff in retail and online businesses, both onsite and remotely. She has also been trusted to serve as a Virtual COO in other businesses, leading and guiding multiple teams of 15 to 20 people at any given time to produce top-shelf outcomes without stress, mistakes or wasted time.

The techniques that Kerry Anne teaches in Offload Your Workload have been proven and refined over decades of workplace leadership. They allow business owners to make the most out of their staffing investment by empowering their teams to work with confidence and autonomy.  Simple strategies templated and laid out for you to implement immediately with your own growing team.

What a wake up call!  I recently completed the Offload Your Workload Program with Kerry Anne Nelson and it has completely revolutionised the way I am thinking about my business!  I have moved from feeling overwhelmed and virtually catatonic about breaking down and creating repeatable work processes, to embracing the opportunity and enjoying doing so.  Kerry Anne’s course is comprehensive, she provides meaningful insights and crystal clear direction for simplifying and documenting step by step instructions with end products including workplace culture and training manuals.  These are some of the invaluable tools you will gain and that support delegation and smooth running operations whether working with remote or onsite staff.  This program will change your way of working; improve your organisational structure and give you back hours every day – to do what you love and what you do best!  10 Stars!

Mareen Barten

Marketing Strategist, Maureen Barten Consulting

“It has been my pleasure to work with Kerry Anne. Together we have started documenting the process for onboarding new staff, giving me clarity on how I can scale my business and support a great experience for new team members. Kerry Anne is an expert in process design and documentation and has carefully guided me during the process. I have gained a lot of value from the work we have done together and look forward to further collaboration in the future.”

Peter Burgess

Technology Consultuant, Process Culture