Got The MONDAY.com Blues?

Your sophisticated task
management system was
meant to elevate your team’s
productivity, not complicate it.

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Don’t throw away all that good work you’ve put into your set up.
Don’t waste the money you’ve paid in subscriptions …

We can help!

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“Before working with Operation Verve we had been long
time Monday users… but I didn’t realise how much we
were under utilising it. We had processes and systems
completely disconnected from Monday and to be honest
it was just a mess. Operation Verve not only helped us to
map out how to use Monday better, their team built us the
exact templates needed to optimise our Digital Marketing
Agency. Introducing us to automations, integrations and
so much more! I can now manage my growing team at a
glance, tracking client workflow and team resourcing with
ease. It has changed the way we do business!”

Mary-Anne Amies | Owner, WiseUp Marketing

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debbie rojonan

“We have always tried to build systems to organise tasks and
help everyone become more efficient. With Kerry’s knack for
flow charting, building out Monday became easy. Her
eagerness to listen and her openness to others’ ideas was
refreshing making the team more driven knowing that their
inputs are welcomed. It now feels like we have finally setup
something that meets our desired outcome of seamless flow.”

Debbie Rojonan | Admin Manager, Unlock The Game

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jet indig

“We had our systems in place before, but Operation Verve
brought in a fresh level of consistency that was missing.
They rolled up their sleeves and dove into the areas that
needed attention, cleaning up and simplifying a lot of
processes. Their presence has been a game-changer for
us. The way our processes are clear, precise, and
necessary now is a reflection of their hard work and
dedication. We wouldn’t be where we are without it.”

Jet Indig | Client Success Manager, The Growth Hub

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Transform task chaos into completion with Operation Verve.

  • Automatically assign one off tasks or entire chunks
    of a project
  • Set project milestones and due dates that update
    as you go
  • Use the tech to provide detailed work instructions,
    support files and handy links
  • Seamlessly integrate your workflows across your
    current systems
  • Access real-time analytics to monitor progress and
  • Set up for crystal clear team communications at
    every stage of the work
  • Provide project access to clients and external providers
  • Create a fast cut through mechanism to get things
    moving again when people get Stuck

Let’s set it all up and then watch the magic happen!

It’s easy to get started!

Just pick the package you need, and we’ll be
making sense of your business workflows quicker
than you can say ‘streamline’.

If picking the perfect package is just
a little too daunting, we’re here
to talk it through.