VERVE Testimonials
Some seriously happy clients keen to share their business growth experiences after working with Operation Verve

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kerry Anne and came to know her  as a valuable asset for healthy company growth. Kerry Anne is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, she is an impressive organiser and long-term thinker who is always working at processes that we could implement that would serve our entire team. Without doubt, I recommend Kerry Anne and her team at Verve. Kerry Anne honestly cares about meeting her clients needs and helping their business grow.”

Sarah Macdonald

Canine Comprehension Pty Ltd

“Kerry Anne has a profound desire to get businesses organised. Working with her allowed me to develop the structures required to upgrade my business online, especially through social media. I now have the know-how to create wonderful content, post wisely and to monetise my programs. I’ve become a more effective leader with organisational processes now put in place for Simply Better Health. Without this educational leadership I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Sandy Simmons

Simply Better Health

Kerry Anne’s passion for her clients and her services is evident in every contact. Her support and instruction makes the impossible doable! I appreciate her humour and her ability to ‘get’ my business. She sees what is missing, what needs doing and what might still be untapped. It is completely gratifying. Honestly, she makes me want to do my homework! Kerry Anne makes difficult things completely achievable with her expert help.” 

Dr. Linda Wilson

Success Architect

.”As our team grew rapidly it became more challenging to create high performance without having the right processes and structures in place. Kerry Anne taught us her step-by-step formula to manage business processes and social media systems.
Not only has this given us a deep understanding of how to create better structures and systems across every business department.
It also increased individual and team performance. By implementing her strategies for just under 2 weeks now, it has already saved us thousands of dollars in outsourcing.
I cannot thank Kerry Anne enough for all her support and I highly recommend her business services.”

Iris Du

Careerists Consulting Group

“I have had Kerry Anne Nelson of Operation Verve work with my Company and team at Megalines Insurance in her capacity as a business leader, mentor, and consultant. In particular, she has helped our Company to streamline our processes, systemise tasks, simplify,  re-clarify and amplify our corporate goals, culture and positioning. She has a keen eye for details and brings simple solutions to seemingly complex scenarios. myself ant he team have all benefited from her strategic insights, professionalism and out of the box thinking. As we now scale up, I can enjoy more freedom and our corporate bottom line is all the better for it!”

Bunmi Ajayi

Megalines Insurance & Risk Advisers

“Kerry Anne has not only taught me how to systemise my business to create more structure AND freedom, she has also changed how I THINK about everything I create and how I put that out into the world. This has greatly advanced my capacity to lead my team, and deliver my service at a higher level. It has allowed me to set my sales targets MUCH higher for 2020 and know that I will be able to deliver above and beyond the expectations of both my clients and team members. I now have team members doing things for me that I never imagined possible in a way that I LOVE, from selling my programs to writing my content. I’m so much more free and it’s only the beginning!”

Tori Crewes

Your Soul Empire

“Kerry Anne is an organisational guru! We already had some processes in place and she not only helped us fix them up, but brought our processes and organisation to the next level. When you’re a small business owner, it can be hard to get everything out of your brain, onto paper, but Kerry Anne helped us do just that. I would completely recommend working with her!”

Melanie McVean

No Pong

In business it’s very easy sometimes to have a great idea get wasted and put on the “to do” list and never get it done. Well not with Kerry Anne! I came to her with an idea and she said yes I can make that happen for you. The outcome exceeded my expectations, and was very affordable for the value I received. I have more ideas for Kerry Anne to bring to life.

Daniel Burgess

Phoenix Experiment

“Kerry Anne is a dynamo! She really knows her stuff when it comes to adding some structure to your business. She is incredibly charismatic and captures the hearts and minds of everyone in the room when she speaks. Anyone who works with Kerry Anne knows they are lucky to have found her within the first few minutes.”

Jules Brooke

Handle Your Own PR

“The application of Kerry Anne’s knowledge of processes and procedures has been the re-start my business has needed as it approaches its 4th Birthday. We have tailored the business processes my company needs to reach my target market AND set bold goals for the future. There is no doubt my business is going to benefit greatly from the groundwork we are implementing.”
Julie Cliff

Space & Time

“Working with Kerry Anne from Operation Verve has allowed my business capacity to increase without me being tied to all the work myself. We worked together to develop my staffing plan, document my business operations, then delegate these tasks to my expanding team. This strategic development of customised processes has been integral to my sustained growth over the past 12 months”
Ashley Hann

White Knight Catering Services

“Kerry Anne and I worked together to review my business process flow. She identified a number of opportunities for the business to improve efficiency so we can achieve sustainable growth. Kerry Anne is just brilliant and a delight to work with.”
Caroline Mense

Legal Enablers