What’s stopping the prospects in your list from getting started with their first virtual assistant?


  • “It’s too busy…”
  • “Now is not the right time…”
  • “We’re not quite ready…”
  • “Let’s look at this next quarter…”
  • “We’re definitely interested… let’s talk soon…”

We prepare your cold leads to come back to you ready to get started with outsourcing

✖ We don’t provide virtual assistants

✖ We don’t offer recruitment services

✖ We don’t refer to other outsourcing agencies

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Let’s talk about how to help them hit the reset button with you

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We only supply services to help small business owners prepare the systems and processes they need to succeed with their remote staff, especially when they’re struggling to get set up.

We leave the rest up to you!

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“We came to Operation Verve at the position of scaling and needing to make positive improvements to ensure that as we grew our team would be taken care of. Operation Verve helped us set up properly to ensure our efficiency was maximised and that our new staff could easily access what they needed which has positively impacted staff morale across the board.”

Alana Joynes, Owner
Expozur Marketing

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“We worked with Operation Verve to get our business systems in order to support Just Peoples’ growth and capacity to take on new staff and volunteers. Without systematizing our operations we were becoming bottlenecks and preventing growth and impact. Investing in this work is one of the best decisions we’ve made since launching.”

Johanna de Burca, Founder
Just Peoples

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“I did everything on my own and I tried out a couple of VAs here and there. Now actually following the steps, it just makes me realise that once you do the groundwork and once you have the structures in place, this is what really builds the base for actual growth and for scaling the business. And then you have the systems in place to actually bring people in.”

Marie Alessi, Legacy Coach
Loving Life After Loss


Kerry Anne Nelson is known for her obsession with making virtual workplaces run smoothly. Her community wasn’t surprised when she made this her core business. Kerry Anne was almost broken when her husband passed away unexpectedly, leaving her to salvage an online business without any formal processes in place.

Since then, Kerry Anne has become Australia’s most passionate advocate for systemising businesses. Her clients accelerate the achievement of their business goals by leveraging the decades Kerry Anne invested into growing her own companies. She short cuts the journey to sustainable expansion with customised tools which empower owner-operators to scale by growing their outsourced teams.

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