Hand Over the Reins:

Empower Your Team

Leaders to Run Your Business

Letting you refocus your effort on pursuing opportunities for growth


Are you struggling to get the most out of your team leaders?
Are you constantly stuck in the day-to-day operations, your team too afraid to make decisions without you being involved in every detail?

It’s time to break free from the shackles of micro-management and empower your managers to become true leaders.

At Operation Verve, we understand the challenges you face as a business owner with a busy, sometimes needy team. That’s why we’ve developed a masterclass designed to leverage your tech and transform your team leaders into confident, independent managers who can effectively drive your business forward.

Now Launching…

The Monday Magic Masterclass

Equipping your team leads so they can start managing your systems.

Freeing you to focus on boosting profits and growth.

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Give your managers the tools and confidence to take ownership of operational success. Send them to the Monday Magic Masterclass..

The benefits associated with hiring staff to carry the load are undeniably substantial.

But only if they use effective systems to deliver you a return on investment.

Too often, these benefits are squandered due to inefficiencies, misunderstandings, mismatched expectations, confusion and unnecessary tension. Isn’t it time for better process management?

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Don’t let the potential benefits slip through your fingers – harness the true potential of your team by leveraging the capacity of your tech.

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After attending this masterclass, your team leads will understand:

  • The eight essential elements of process workflows that really work
  • How properly structured systems can create greater output with less effort
  • What to troubleshoot to achieve quick wins in their current workflows
  • How to use automations to provide essential files, links, instructions, and templates to support every task
  • How to drive seamless team performance with simple board designs
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Ignite your Magic Monday Boards!

Liberate Yourself From Your Business With Transformed Leaders Using World-Class Systems


Efficiency through Systems and Processes


This Masterclass cuts straight to the chase. Explicit training and instruction so your team leads can build sexy automated workflows to unlock new efficiency in your organisation. We guide your managers to build robust systems and processes, demonstrating exactly what they need to literally get started today.


Confidence and Decision-Making Skills


Say goodbye to your manager’s fear of setting up systems for their own work. Our expert-led training equips your managers with the knowledge and tools they need to create advanced workflows in your Monday software, and confidently lead their teams towards success. Give them the skills to achieve the outcomes you have been expecting all along.


Managers ⇒ Leaders


Don’t settle for mere managers – equip them to become true leaders in your business. Our Masterclass will give your team leaders the workflow systems to rise from being dependent on you to achieving their best on their own. Step back from the day-to-day grind and focus on the bigger picture by empowering your managers to take charge of defining their own workflows.


Liberation from Micro-Management


Say hello to systems that unblock the bottlenecks of your business. With capable managers at the helm, you no longer have to step in for every little decision or solve every problem. Our proven Monday techniques will enable you to delegate responsibilities confidently, trusting that your managers will take ownership of outcomes and drive your company’s success.


Transformation Of Your Business


Create a powerful culture of leadership, accountability, and efficiency. Say hello to managers who can build the systems they need to work without you. Set yourself up for a business that thrives even when you’re not there.

Unlock the true potential of your business tech today. Register now to nominate your team managers for the Monday Magic Masterclass.

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  • section 10 tick mark@2xNominate your attendees - no limit to how many team leads you can nominate
  • section 10 tick mark@2xPre-recorded online session - access when and where it suits them
  • section 10 tick mark@2x30 min commitment - short and sharp, with actionable takeaways
  • section 10 tick mark@2xLifetime access - watch it as many times as they need to
  • section 10 tick mark@2xQuick & easy Cheat Sheet - so they can follow the steps to do their own build independently

The Monday Magic Masterclass

After registration you will receive email instructions for how to get your team leads into this invaluable training.

Let’s Set the Record Straight: We’re Not A Tech Business

Before you jump in and register, we want to make one thing crystal clear: Operation Verve is not an IT provider.

  • dot 1We don't create or optimise websites
  • dot 2We don’t set up or manage CRMs
  • dot 1We don’t build bespoke integrations to sync all your technology platforms
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Here’s what we can do – help you unleash the full potential of your existing Monday subscription with board designs that equip your staff to drive greater outcomes for your business.

We build workflow systems! Our focus is on equipping your current team with the tools, strategies, and support needed to maximise their performance and productivity. So you can step back from the daily grind and regain the focus on building your bold business vision.

Together lets:

  • Maximise the power currently locked inside your Monday subscription
  • Elevate your team's performance with new skills and more autonomy
  • Propel your business to new heights by doing more with what you have now


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Hey there! I’m Kerry Anne, and I’m on a mission to liberate business owners from the chains of growth that can keep them bound to their businesses. We didn’t start our business to become tied down to job!

Imagine a business that runs seamlessly even when you’re not there. That’s exactly what I help my clients achieve by optimising their workflows to unleash the power of their current teams.

I’ve personally witnessed the transformative impact that hiring can have on a business. Being an employer has been an absolute game-changer for my own growth strategy, and I can’t imagine running any business without having a team of smart, invested workers making it all come together.

But here’s the thing: maximising your team’s potential isn’t always a walk in the park. When your business is rapidly expanding, you need to find a way to transition from being involved in every single aspect to entrusting others to take the lead.

And letting go can be hard.

That’s where my expertise comes in. In this Masterclass, I’ve shared the knowledge and experience that your team leaders can implement today to unleash the potential of your project management system. Letting you fast-track your journey towards business freedom.

Are you ready to step out of your own way and watch your team transform your business into a freedom machine? If your answer is a resounding “yes,” then the key to your success lies in putting them in the driver’s seat. And the first step is to register them for this masterclass.

So, let’s get started and set your business free!



After registration you will receive email

instructions for how to nominate your team leads