Have you been wondering how you can get the work time you need while still keeping up with your marketing schedule?

Are you worried you can’t afford to delegate the marketing grind work to someone else, when you actually know you can’t afford not to?

Do you want more help with creating and publishing content this quarter but can’t justify hiring – even part time – just yet?

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Verve Audience Connect

social content done for you

If you’re at the point where something just has to give, there is never a more perfect time than now to shift to a more sustainable marketing plan. What will it take to call it? When will it be time to draw a line in the sand to prioritize growth and delivery over endless content marketing?

Verve Audience Connect is not like other marketing packages you have seen. It’s stripped back, straight to the point, no bells and whistles. It’s for business owners who simply want to stop being tied to the relentless demands of their social media marketing.

  • No Virtual Marketing Assistant to train and manage yourself
  • No smoke and mirrors marketing plans that rely on endless trial and error
  • No messing with the solid messaging that you know your audience relies on you for

We simply take the reins and do it all for you

You can expect a stream of content rolling out each week like clockwork. You will experience the joyous relief of unwrapping bundles of articles, social posts, newsletters, and videos each month. You will watch yourself being freed from the prison of content creation that you have been trapped in for so long … and you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

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From Our Raving Fans

ashley hann

“Kerry Anne Nelson and her Operation Verve Team (VA’s) are my ‘go to’ for all my business social media implementation. The Verve Content System makes sense, and the implementation is efficient. My ‘VA’ emails the upcoming social media posts. I check over them, make minor adjustments, then it’s all posted by my VA. My Social Media is done.”

Ashley Hann, Owner, White Knight Catering Services

from our raving fans

“Operation Verve have a fabulous structure to keep social media in check. I’ve been able to utilise their system to not only create content in advance but to have a consistent plan of where, when, and what to post. This has saved Simply Better Health so much time. Forever grateful.”

Sandy B Simmons, Owner, Simply Better Health

sandy b simmons
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How Does It Work?

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1.We record a monthly 60 min Zoom  interview with you
2.We turn that interview content into a weekly blog
3.We rework the content to write a fortnightly newsletter
4.We rework it again to make a customised stream of social media posts with graphics and text
5.We cut the video into a weekly video snippet
6.We send it all to you for final revision
7.We deliver the content ready to go!


We can publish it all for you if you like!


We can provide you with a monthly report

    Services Packages

    k i l l e r c o n t e n t




    We send this content to you each month:

    • Fortnightly Newsletter
    • Weekly Blog
    • 20 Social Media Posts with Graphics
    • 4 Video Snippets with Subtitles
    c o n c i e r g e




    We publish this content for you each month:

    • Fortnightly Newsletter sent to your list
    • Weekly Blog published to your website
    • 4 Video Snippets with Subtitles published on 2 platforms of your choice
    • Monthly Marketing Report
    • 20 Socia Media Posts with Graphics published on 2 platforms of your choice

    Let’s Get Started!

    It takes 5 easy steps to hand your
    marketing legwork over to us

    Step 1:
    Click ‘Buy Now’ and choose the package that suits you

    Step 2:
    Book your Audience Connect Onboarding Call through the link in the confirmation email

    Step 3:
    Conduct your Onboarding Call with one of our team

    Step 4:
    Provide content samples to give us a headstart on completing your first round of content

    Step 5:
    Revise and approve the content we prepare for Month #1

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    Not so sure yet? Let’s Talk!

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    who is this perfect for

    Who is this perfect for?

    Are you a solopreneur? You need Audience Connect! It’s the most affordable, efficient way to bring your professional knowledge to the center of your brand, without you being trapped in the hamster wheel of content marketing.

    If you’re a micro-business owner you know the tough slog of trying to gain traction. It takes a mammoth effort… and let’s be honest, that time and energy would be better invested into serving paying clients.

    Audience connect is specifically designed to accelerate your marketing success if you are a:

    • Business mentor
    • Massage therapist
    • Make up artist
    • Personal trainer
    • Life coach
    • Wellness consultant
    • Florist
    • Yoga instructor
    • Photographer
    • Interior designer
    • Fashion stylist
    • Nutritionist
    • Meditation guide
    • Sales guru
    busy business woman
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    Trying to feed the hungry beast of the social media feed is not where your energy is best spent. You have a business to build, clients to serve, lives to change. Your marketing is eating into the time you need to grow your business.

    You want to really put yourself out there? Invite our team to do the leg work for you. We convert 60 minutes of your expert insights into consistent marketing content that will:

    • Increase your brand awareness and market exposure
    • Pass on your high value knowledge to the people who need it most
    • Make you the go-to thought leader in your industry
    • Bring your one-of-a-kind voice to your target audience
    • Showcase your unique value proposition

    Audience Connect will get you back to doing what you love most, and make money while you do it!

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    What is the difference between the blog and the newsletter?

    Your blog is a cohesive 400-600 word article optimised with industry specific key words and on- and off-page links. It will be presented with a supporting image and caption, and formatted for your audience to consume easily. We can add a Call To Action for your readers too if you like! 

    Your newsletter is much more dynamic and interactive. The main body is a mini-article loaded with your professional smarts. Then we add fun sections to invite your readers to sign up to your offer, visit your website, register for your event, or join in your next challenge. We make it colourful with graphics of your quotes, tips or fun facts.

    What sort of posts do you get?

    We develop an engaging mix of content from your interview recording. This mix includes:

    • Fun Facts
    • Quotable Quotes
    • Top Tips
    • Short insights
    • Long form posts
    • Case stories
    • Before & afters
    • Questions and prompts
    • Testimonials

    We can also mix it up with quotes from other aligned sources to elevate your messaging. This might look like putting an Oprah Winfrey quote on a sunset image with your logo. Or your logo and quote on a photo of Donald Trump … just joking 😉 We promise we won’t do that!

    What are the video snippets like?

    Your video snippets are short clips cut from your monthly interview. No more than 90 seconds long, they will spotlight on your natural, authentic genius. We put subtitles on them so people can watch without the sound on, and we can add text or image pop ups to emphasise the best bits!

    What’s in the Monthly Report?

    Simple insights to tell us all what’s working and what needs to be improved:

    • Tracking on social posts reactions and comments
    • Tracking on watch rates for video snippets
    • Newsletter open rate and click through rate
    • Blog page visits and clicks
    What will I have to do?

    We keep this as easy as possible. We ask you to:

    • Contribute to the content plan and interview preparations as much or as little as you like
    • Show up fresh and ready on your monthly interview day
    • Provide us with admin access to your social profiles, Google Analytics, website, CRM
    • Give us your branding collateral such as logo, fonts, and style sheet
    • Supply brand images and professional photos, as well as candid pics of you at your professional heights or your natural best
    • If you want to revise the content before we publish, go for it! We offer two revisions.

    Let’s do this! 

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    Still not sure? … I bet you’re wondering …

    What does the content look like?

    Here are some samples of work we’ve done:

    Make today the day you buy back your time to do the profit-making work only you can do.

    Ready to go?

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