Verve Consulting
Perhaps your business is growing faster than you could imagine… you’re busy serving customers, expanding your offerings and employing new team members.
Best of all… it’s evolving organically.
But there are times when all that growth starts to feel like a runaway train in some areas of your business. For example, when…
  • things get lost and time is wasted
  • staff don’t know how what to do, so they come to you – again
  • there is no set plan, so people do it their own way
  • a key team member is away sick, and no-one knows how to do their role

The good news is… you’re not alone. Research indicates that 85% of businesses don’t have documented processes.
The bad news … your business will struggle to survive.
That’s why we’ve created the Operation Verve Program. A transformational journey to help your business move forward with sustainable, lasting growth.

Verve Consulting
Verve Consulting

“The system isn’t something you bring to the business. It’s something you derive from the process of building the business.

~ Michael Gerber

Verve Consulting

Verve Consulting is dedicated to ambitious entrepreneurs that want to eliminate reactionary leadership, so they can sustainably grow their business.

The workflow development program is designed to unlock, translate and document the operational knowledge that the business owner and the team have then turn it into robust, predictable, consistent workplace routines.

This unique program combines the Lean Six Sigma methodical approach with hands-on practical experience in business management, education and team leadership. The aim is to identify opportunities for your business to improve efficiency then go on to achieve sustainable growth.

During this intensive overhaul program, you and your staff will collaborate one-on-one with your dedicated process expert to ensure your staffing plan is strategic, your team members are fully engaged, and your leaders have the confidence to drive the business.

It will also provide:

  • Increased productivity in your business without taking more time
  • Improved accuracy without extra instruction
  • Greater control with less micromanagement
  • Visibility and transparency in all the business processes
  • More certainty in your workplace for you and your team
  • An effective, sustainable way to grow your business

Lifestyle and business freedom

 Kerry Anne has not only taught me how to systematise my business to create more structure AND freedom, she has also changed how I THINK about everything I create and how I put that out into the world. This has greatly advanced my capacity to lead my team, deliver my service at a higher level and to a higher standard. It has allowed me to set my sales targets MUCH higher for next year and know that I will be able to deliver above and beyond the expectations of both my clients and team members. I now have team members doing things for me that I never imagined possible in a way that I LOVE, from selling my programs to writing my content. I’m so much more free and its only the beginning! ”

Tori Crewes, Your Soul Empire

Program Inclusions:

  • 90-minute in-depth Discovery Session
  • Six to eight month program
  • 60 – 90 minute mentoring sessions in Zoom
  • Customised documentation created to meet your unique business needs. This includes Templates, Checklists, Support Manuals and Training Resources
  • Unlimited email support for the owner and their team leaders
  • 24 hour turnaround time for feedback on work days
  • 90-minute Review Session one month after the conclusion of the program
Verve Consulting

As a current client I recommend Kerry Anne extremely highly. Her passion for her clients and her services is evident in every contact. Kerry Anne is making the impossible doable. I appreciate her humor, her ability to ‘get’ my business; what is missing, what needs doing and what might still be untapped is motivating and gratifying. Honestly I want to do my ‘homework’! Thank you Kerry Anne for making something that is difficult to envision seem completely achievable with your expert help.

Linda Wilson

Success Architect