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Bringing out the best in your staff is the fastest way you can create positive, long-term change. Build the structure, resources, and guidance your remote team needs to perform with consistent excellence. Motivate and unite them with a clear vision and team spirit. Empower them with well-organised routines and systems that bring acknowledgment, support and rewards.

What You Get:

  • Learn how to mature as a leader who inspires and motivates your remote team, activating a clear vision and providing support to promote lasting loyalty and full engagement.
  • Develop the practical skills and infrastructure you need for high levels of productivity and accountability even when your team is working apart.
  • Build systems specifically purposed for facilitating exponential growth in your business, maximising the limitless opportunities of running a decentralised workforce.
  • Experience true business freedom by getting your remote operations to run like clockwork whether you are there or not.

remote business staff course“After 20 years in business, I finally feel a strong foundation is being built.” Denise Jarvie, Meditation/Soul Coach, Speaker


8 reviews for Activate Your Remote Team

  1. Janis McKenna

    My Assistant Consultant Samantha, attended Activate Your Remote Team and this was was the icing on the cake, the piece de resistance! It wast the perfect follow on from me working with Kerry Anne to develop my Client Journey and Filing Chart. Now we work holistically and efficiently together. The program ensures continuous improvement. I am very grateful to Kerry Anne and I highly recommend this service.

    • Kerry Anne Nelson

      It’s fabulous to hear you continuing on with this work Janice and getting things organised to multiply your business capacity there. So happy for you and your growing team

  2. Christine Boucher

    I sent my VA to complete the Activate Your Remote Team Program. It’s been brilliant, she is really organised with all our documentation. She has moved us to Monday.com and educated our whole team on how to use, including me. We are communicating better, well organised, much more efficient and productive saving me time and support increasing my impact and income. Thanks Kerry Anne 🙂

    • Kerry Anne Nelson

      I am thrilled to hear this Christine! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. It’s fabulous to har things are going so smoothly for you now 🙂

  3. Johanna, Just Peoples

    We have been working with Kerry Anne over the past few months to get our business systems in order to support Just Peoples’ growth and capacity to take on new staff and volunteeers. Investing in working with Kerry Anne is one of the best decisions we’ve made since launching. Our skill, passion and experience has helped us grow Just Peoples to a certain size but without systematising our operations we were become bottle necks and preventing growth and impact. Kerry Anne is really down to earth, smart, focussed and an absolute delight to work with. Highly recommend working with Kerry Anne as a consultant or mentor to any small business owner!

    • Kerry Anne Nelson

      Thank you for such generous feedback Johanna. I love doing everything I can to support Just Peoples, and I am so happy to have been able to help.

  4. Jodie Willmer, Happy Changemakers

    Kerry Anne knows her stuff! I recently participated in the “Activate Your Remote Team” program which was engaging and very practical to create systems and processes in your business. The community of other small business owners are supportive, generous and fun. I also introduced her to some of our small business clients who were overwhelmed with online filing and client experience mapping and they are SO happy with the results. Operation Verve rocks!

    • Kerry Anne Nelson

      Thank you so much for your review Jodie. It’s been a pleasure to help you and a reall asset to have you in the group.

  5. Sandy B Simmons, Simply Better Health Pty Ltd (verified owner)

    “This has given me what I have been missing, which was solid grounding, and even though I had some stuff set up, it was all over the place, and just bringing it all into perspective, and following the steps means I will have the structure I need to bring on help when I am ready”

    • Kerry Anne Nelson

      I am so thrilled that this course has done this for you, Sandy. You have so much to offer and such a passion for your client. It is wonderful to see you taking that to the world!

  6. Naomi Osemedua

    Kerry is such an amazing teacher and her depth of knowledge in building a business that is truly a ‘Freedom Machine’ is outstanding. When I first met Kerry, I was confused and all over the place wondering how to make sense of my business and hiring my team. The simplicity of the course and how she breaks down each module makes it so easy that even a 10year old would have a field day going through this program. I highly recommend this course if you desire to put systems, structures and processes in place so you can truly enjoy the journey of making this world a better place through your work.

    • Kerry Anne Nelson

      Thank you so much for your generous feedback Naomi. It has been wonderful to see you advancing in such great leaps and bounds!

  7. Alana Joynes

    I recently completed the Activate Your Remote Team Program in combination with the Filing for flow program and highly recommend them. We came into these programs at the position of scaling and needing to make positive improvements to ensure that as we grow our team are able to be taken care of. I believe the best part about AYRT is that it covers the key areas required to be setup properly in order to ensure that efficiency is maximised but also that staff are properly taken care of and can easily access what they need which positively impacts staff morale. This was a clear difference with the AYRT program over others we looked at (people first) as well as the fact that it is a program that suited where we were at. Having completed the program, I have seen it work well for members in our group who were just starting to hire and other who needed to scale up and hire more so it is really versatile in that sense. The program is also set out in a manner that is easy to follow and complete and working in with a group is also powerful as it provides the opportunity to learn from each others experiences. Finally, the workbooks were very comprehensive and provided a valuable resource we have used many times since. Thank you Kerry Anne for going above and beyond and for what you have provided in what is an exceptional program!

    • Kerry Anne Nelson

      WOW!! I am so grateful that you have taken the time to provide such thorough feedback Alana. It’s a delight to be able to help you set the stage for massive growth as you enter this next phase of your business journey. Comments like these are so encouraging to me that this program really does work for real business people. Exponential growth here we come!

  8. Marie Alessi

    Naively I thought I’d just learn a bit of filing & organising myself – boy was I up for a surprise when I found deeper clarity about myself and my business… It was like all the puzzle pieces finally coming together! This is an absolute must for those who take their business serious. Hands on, very comprehensive!

    • Kerry Anne Nelson

      I am so happy to see just how much you have got out of this course Marie. The systems and processes you are setting up now will empower people to come on board and help you build a movement that reaches worldwide. It’s an honour to support you and watch you shine.

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