Activate Your Remote Team

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Bringing out the best in your staff is the fastest way you can create positive, long-term change. Build the structure, resources, and guidance your remote team needs to perform with consistent excellence. Motivate and unite them with a clear vision and team spirit. Empower them with well-organised routines and systems that bring acknowledgment, support and rewards.

Session #1 Commences Thursday February 3 2022, 2pm

What You Get:

  • Learn how to mature as a leader who inspires and motivates your remote team, activating a clear vision and providing support to promote lasting loyalty and full engagement.
  • Develop the practical skills and infrastructure you need for high levels of productivity and accountability even when your team is working apart.
  • Build systems specifically purposed for facilitating exponential growth in your business, maximising the limitless opportunities of running a decentralised workforce.
  • Experience true business freedom by getting your remote operations to run like clockwork whether you are there or not.

remote business staff course“After 20 years in business, I finally feel a strong foundation is being built.” Denise Jarvie, Meditation/Soul Coach, Speaker



1 review for Activate Your Remote Team

  1. Marie Alessi

    Naively I thought I’d just learn a bit of filing & organising myself – boy was I up for a surprise when I found deeper clarity about myself and my business… It was like all the puzzle pieces finally coming together! This is an absolute must for those who take their business serious. Hands on, very comprehensive!

    • Kerry Anne Nelson

      I am so happy to see just how much you have got out of this course Marie. The systems and processes you are setting up now will empower people to come on board and help you build a movement that reaches worldwide. It’s an honour to support you and watch you shine.

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