Too Busy To Delegate? 5 Benefits Of Delegation That Might Change Your Mind


Sometimes people feel too busy to keep pushing forward delegating their workload, a real problem that business owners can get stuck in all too easily. They may well have a team that’s functioning, but perhaps not as effectively as it could, or they might have work they simply don’t need to be doing. Yet they’re too busy to build up the systems needed for growing the business. 

There are five benefits of delegation you may not have thought of. As you read through these, it just might change your mind about how important it is to delegate effectively, and refocus the priorities of your work.

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“I either delegate something, I dump it, or I deal with it.” Daniel L. Doctoroff

REST & REJUVENATE FIRST (Get off the adrenaline cycle):

The first benefit is that you get to fully rest and rejuvenate, which is not only about the short term relief of not having to do a job on a particular day.  When you delegate effectively, and permanently delegate the responsibility for outcomes, long term lifestyle freedom will come. This is just as important as the workload itself, and when you’ve done it you are truly free, and your business is truly scalable. 


WORK ONLY IN YOUR STRENGTHS (greater effectiveness & flow):

The second benefit is that when delegation is done well, it will allow you to work only in your strengths. A lot of business owners work as a jack of all trades, busy being everything to everyone. Yet, if you learn how to delegate effectively and get rid of the tasks that you don’t need to do, or tasks best done by someone else, you’ll be more efficient and able to work with a greater flow. 


INCREASE COMPANY EXPERT BASE (no more jack of all trades, delegate to experts):

The next benefit is that you’ll be able to increase the company expertise, by that I mean the body of experts that constitute your team. This is when you are able to delegate to experts who are employed specifically because of their skill set, or trained specifically in the skills you need them to be able to perform in-house. 


RAISE UP BUSINESS LEADERS (Make a real impact behind the scenes):

The number four benefit is raising up business leaders. You will be able to make a real impact behind the scenes of your business, if you not only delegate the work, but train your team for the future. Delegating a task whilst also giving them the tools to master it, will turn them into the people that can lead projects and encourage growth, independent of your input. 


INCREASE AGILITY AND RESPONSIVENESS (new perspective, new insight, new capacity):

Finally, if you delegate effectively, you will be able to become more agile and responsive. With the clarity that comes from delegation, you will have a new perspective and new insights, which will lead to increasingly greater capacity for business growth. You’ll be able to see opportunities emerge right from day one, and be able to respond to those proactively building out systems as you go to grow and scale your business. 


I hope these five tips have been helpful, and I hope that they have made you realise that maybe you can get back on that delegation horse again. Start looking for ways to not only clear your desk, but to raise up leaders in your company, because doing this is how you will be able to be truly free and have a business that is scalable. 

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