5 Things You Can Do Now To Land More Certainty To Your Business

Posted on Apr 6, 2020
By Kerry Anne Nelson
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Lately, there has been so much upheaval, so it’s little wonder that business owners and staff alike are feeling really unsettled. Certainty always makes us feel comfortable, safe, and secure, but these are tumultuous times and there are so many things that are happening in the world, locally, nationally, and globally, that are very, very uncertain. Yet there are some things we can do now to anchor down our certainty and keep moving forward with strength and authority.

The business owner who can land certainty amidst crisis will not only establish new success for their business operations, but also their team. This can’t help but ripple out into the community through their customers, and the rest of their society. There are five things that you can do today to bed down some certainty, amidst these crazy, crazy times.

Southern cross Workplace management

“The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant.” Max DePree

Communicate Business Vision & Mission:

Firstly, continue to communicate the business vision and mission with absolute strength and clarity. You started this business because you believed that you could truly make a difference, and that vision has not changed. Communicate it in everything you do when you’re at home, as well as when you’re working with your team. When you’re reaching out to your customers and clients, remind them of the promises that your business has made and remind them why you exist in the first place.

Clarify company culture:

This leads to number two, which is to clarify your company culture. There are pillars of core values that your company has been built on, and it’s out of that promise that the way you do business has evolved and developed to becoming the strong machine that it is right now. Why you exist, and how you operate in a daily sense will not change, even though the functionality might. Really anchoring down into that company culture and creating certainty is the thing to do amidst these crazy, uncertain times.

Create flexible places for relationships:

The next thing you can do to create certainty is to create flexible places for relationships. Now, human needs don’t change, people will always need love and connection and support. People need understanding, and yet the way we demonstrate these in our teams, and within our communities is going to change, so make these spaces flexible. Be sure to maintain authenticity so that people are still feeling and experiencing the warm human connection that is so important, especially now.

Commend excellent work:

The next thing you can do is to get in the practice of commending excellent work. Now this will make people feel more certain than almost anything else. You know if you are out and about doing the essential things that you just have to do, or if you are online, working with your customers, clients, or your team remotely, tell them they’re doing a great job. It’s such an encouraging uplifting thing to do to commend great work across every area, and this will only strengthen your team.

Craft innovative new pathways:

Finally, you can craft innovative new pathways to create certainty in your business. Now is the time to invent, innovate and create. It’s time to get really crystal clear and to activate new creative responses to changing times. Make a decision to conquer doubt and uncertainty. You may well be feeling your own uncertainty now, but the leaders serving their team and their community best are doing so with an unwavering vision of how things are going to be at the end.

Even in these uncertain times, we as leaders can bring certainty. Hold true to your core values, because the sun will shine on your business again, and now time to prepare to make hay.

Kerry Anne Nelson

About Kerry Anne Nelson

Kerry Anne Nelson is the founder of Operation Verve and is a qualified first-class Honours graduate with more than 8 years of experience in education.

Kerry Anne Nelson is a workplace processes architect and uses her Lean Six Sigma training to maximise her years of experience in business management, education, and team leadership to help clients achieve lasting business growth.