Overcoming The Challenges Of Working Remotely

Posted on Mar 29, 2021
By Kerry Anne Nelson
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Overcoming remote work challenges is the name of the game in business today. Lately it seems like everyone is working from home. Of course, this is a new business trend enforced by worldwide circumstances. Interestingly, since 2010, the amount of people working remotely has increased by a staggering 400%. It’s a massive phenomenon that is literally sweeping the globe.

There are so many benefits for you to work remotely. It’s easy to work from home or shared workplaces without needing to commute to work in a centralised office. But this change has likely brought you its own set of challenges. Each hurdle you face is different to the last. It has left many business owners like you wondering: how exactly do you make this work?

Team training Workplace Processes kensington

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” Henry Ford


Loneliness and Disconnection:

Remote work makes loneliness and disconnection a real challenge for you and your team. In fact, 19% of remote workers report feeling more lonely now than when they worked on site. As an owner or manager of remote workers, it is even more important for you to stay connected. Make sure you turn on chat and have lots of video conference calls. Keep the messages flowing and have regular meetings to keep everyone in your team connected.

Distractions At Home:

You have probably also noticed people getting distracted at home. This happens easily, especially when you’ve got children or other family members at home. Or working alongside others who are home sick when you’d normally be able to work without interruption. It is important for you to have a dedicated workspace set aside. Also set a schedule or particular hours that you allocate to work. This will help you keep distractions to a minimum.

Communication Problems:

44% of remote workers say that communication problems have affected the relationship with their managers. This is why keeping lines of communication open and clear is vital when you’re working apart. Clarifying your expectations with the work being done and specific deadlines is essential Make sure you’re keeping those chats and video conferences flowing.

Blocks To Collaboration:

Collaborating can be quite difficult to maintain when you’re working remotely. Try taking advantage of online tools, including project management software such as Monday.com or Trello. You could also screenshare to show each other what you’re working on together. FreeMind is another great tool you can use. There are just so many out there ready to help you with overcoming remote work challenges

Keeping Healthy Boundaries:

Maintaining healthy boundaries can be very challenging for you and your remote team. 22% of remote workers say that unplugging after work is one of their biggest difficulties. Having an on time and an off time makes a big difference when you’re working from home. As someone who’s done this for decades now, I know this one thing. Working remotely works when you stick to the times you’ve set.

Navigating Tech:

Navigating tech is also something that may be difficult if you don’t have people nearby to support or teach you. It’s really important when rolling out new tech to have great support resources available, such as  training videos and documentation. This will help people adjust. Modern tech is especially vital to help you with overcoming the challenges of working remotely.

Aligning Operations:

Finally, aligning operations across the business with remote workers. This is related to communication and collaboration, making sure people are working in sequence, and their tasks are complementary. Try to avoid doubling up, and make sure people aren’t getting in each other’s way or leaving gaps. It is really important to keep those communication tools open and flowing.

I hope that’s been really helpful. There are real benefits to working remotely. But there are definite challenges for you to overcome as well. With a little bit of work you will thrive in overcoming remote work challenges. Then you really will enjoy making more money, with less overhead. Even better, you will have staff that are more engaged and productive than ever before.

Kerry Anne Nelson

About Kerry Anne Nelson

Kerry Anne Nelson is the founder of Operation Verve and is a qualified first-class Honours graduate with more than 8 years of experience in education.

Kerry Anne Nelson is a workplace processes architect and uses her Lean Six Sigma training to maximise her years of experience in business management, education, and team leadership to help clients achieve lasting business growth.