6 Business Filing Steps For Your Team

Posted on Mar 8, 2021
By Kerry Anne Nelson
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Business filing with staff is not so fun on the party front. But it makes a big difference to how much you and your remote team enjoy logging into work together each day!

The choice to adopt more flexible modes of working is good for business. Studies show that remote workers are 35-40% more productive than people who work in corporate offices.

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“Great things in business are never done by one person.” Steve Jobs

When your team is working remotely, organising your business files is especially important. It cuts down on confusion in your workplace. It also allows your team to get on with the important parts of their role. Having your team contribute to how those files are organised is a great way to create a sense of ownership of the system. It also means their daily work will be more efficient and effective.

No growing business is ever efficiently run by a single person. Working effectively to manage your business filing with staff will give you the momentum you’re looking for. It will create productivity and engagement to achieve your business goals together.

So let’s look at six ways to get your team to help you organise your business files.

Make a file naming system

Getting your team to help you clean out your online filing spaces starts with making a file naming system. Your team could help with developing the rules for the naming of files. This makes your files incredibly easy to find. By involving your team, you are creating engagement and a sense of ownership in the system.

Rename files

Your team is going to be invaluable in cleaning up and renaming old files. You can use the previous naming rules you may have already established. Or get your team to rename the old files to match any new ones. Through collaboration, your old and new files will line up and make sense for everybody. This groundwork needs to be done to keep your filing system well organised.

Clean out files

Cleaning out your old files is another thing your team could do to help you with your online filing. They can focus on cleaning out the business filing area they are most familiar with. If you’ve got team members working remotely, chances are they’re working in very specific areas of your business. So they’re the ones who should be cleaning out those particular filing spaces.

Organise Archive files

Your business team can help with making sense of your archive files. Once all of your old files have been put in the archive space, a bit of a clean up will need to happen there too. Your team are the perfect people to help you with this. Get your remote staff to create the organisation system so they know exactly how it works, and where everything is. This also means you’re relieved from doing all that work yourself.

Organise Unknown files

When you’re moving your files into spaces you’ll find some files you simply don’t know what to do with. Your team can help organise those unknown files. Put them in an unknown folder and then get your team to help you make any decisions you need to make.  It’ll make a massive difference to keeping up momentum and flow. It will also keep your team engaged.

Carry the Load

Your online team should help carry the load for you. If you’re the only one organising your business files, you should get your team to take on other routine tasks for you. They’re there to help, so why not make the most of that wonderful asset? Get them involved and get them engaged. Invite them to participate in an online workspace you can all be proud of.

Taking the time to lead your staff well always starts with managing your own priorities. Improving your business filing with staff will make a massive difference to the key leaders in your team. So go ahead and give them the gift of an efficient, well-organised system. You can really love coming to work when your files are clear and well organised, even more so if you’re doing it remotely.

Kerry Anne Nelson

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Kerry Anne Nelson is the founder of Operation Verve and is a qualified first-class Honours graduate with more than 8 years of experience in education.

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