How Leaders Respond In Crisis


Lately there’s been a lot of upheaval in business and in life. Things feel like they’ve been turned upside down, and what we thought we could rely on, has suddenly become unstable. Everyone has been scrambling to respond, to keep their business moving.

In a recent study, approximately three in ten employing businesses reported one or more issues in negotiating work arrangements with employees. Now, of course that’s understandable. We’re needing to resolve problems we’ve never needed to deal with before, and in ways that provide quick, but fair, solutions. 

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“A boss has the title. A leader has the people” Simon Sinek

A really great leader will do three key things in crisis to keep stability and certainty in their business:



Firstly, a great leader will lead from the front. They will always have their eyes on the goal, and be absolutely dedicated to managing every unpredictable situation with the vision and focus of a hawk. It is so wonderful to see business leaders rising up, and finding new ways to respond to very challenging situations. Continuing their business vision with innovation. Leading from the front is the mark of a true leader. 



A true leader will also stand by their team. Yes, we’re leading from the front, but we’re not doing that in an isolated way. A strong leader will take their team with them. A strong leader will stand by their team in collaboration innovation. There’ll be discussions around the best ways to do things, and what people prefer in this new stage, moving forward. Stand by your team and share your strengths.



Finally, a strong leader will hold their team up. They’ll lead from the front, but they will also stand beside, and provide a firm foundation. They are rock solid, completely unwavering. The vision is what they are anchoring to. Even though things might be unsettled, they stay strong. They make sure the existence of the business is not questioned and the purpose of the business is very much alive and well. 


A good strong leader will be the solid foundation that their team needs. Working through these three points will help you move towards becoming the leader your business needs you to be. 

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