Your VA Handbook


Launching July 1 2023.
Sale Ends July 10

  • Set your growing team of VAs up for success
  • Build the team that will build your business
  • Maximise your offshoring investment for limitless profit

*AUD $5 from every book order goes to non-profit organisation Leupano Inc to provide medical treatment for Filipino children who rely solely on charitable donations from good, kind people like you.

  • Do you get the returns you need from the investment you’re making into your remote staff?
  • Do you want to tap into the benefits of offshoring but the horror stories have put you off?
  • Are you working with offshore virtual assistants now and want to get more return for your investment?

If you’ve been wanting to use a VA or you have already started, and you're not sure about how to make it work for you, this is the book you need! Your VA Handbook will guide you through how exactly what you need to do to set up your offshore team to enjoy lasting success others only dream of.
And the best bit ... ? This handbook is written by our very own offshore assistant Sugar Leove Weeg. A handbook for you to bring out the best in your VAs, written by one of our very own offshore VA. Insights, tips, and tricks that cut through the barriers stopping you and your team from surging forward. It's time to accelerate!

When you read Your VA Handbook you will:

  • Remove the roadblocks of confusion, misunderstanding and miscommunication that hold you back
  • Develop firm operational foundations so you can rapidly increase your offshore team to fast-track business growth
  • Understand how to connect with authenticity and productivity with your offshore staff to bring out their best


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