How Video Training Is The New Operations Manual


Training a remote team is not quite like straining staff members onsite. The challenge of training a remote team is especially hard. When you do not have consistent face to face contact, how do you impart what they need to know? You can’t give close support to each of your workers, and written instructions often need clarification.


Without training your remote workers are not going to magically know what to do. So how does this work? How do you go about training your remote team?

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“Great leaders communicate and great communicators lead.” Simon Sinek

Amazingly, the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text, so a video is definitely going to help your team. 


That’s why video training is the new operations manual, specifically when training remote workers.


The fastest way to get started is by recording videos that show exactly how to complete each task successfully. These videos are an invaluable support for your team even as it grows. Supplying your growing team with an instruction video is one of the best ways to get them trained, engaged, and performing really well. 


So let’s have a closer look at some of the most important reasons you’ll need to consider getting started with your videos.


Excellence Matters: 

Videos will provide consistent instruction to keep people working at their highest standard. Set the bar high with a video to show them what excellence looks like. This allows your team to understand your expectations, and perform accordingly. You also want these resources to be reusable. This way you’re not wasting your time in maintaining those standards of excellence. Finally, you want to develop leaders. Those who understand how to do really great work every single time. So you’re not the only one working at their best. 


Time Matters:

You don’t have a moment to waste in your business. We now live in a 24/7 global economy where the market never stops. You need to develop training resources quickly.  Videos are a fast way to get your team on the same page and working well. Especially when training a remote team. It’s also a great way to accelerate their training. They can watch a quick video and instantly know what they need to do. Finally it can allow immediate application. People watching the video can perform the task at the same time. 


Relationships Matter:

Relationships really matter. This can be one of the biggest challenges of training a remote team. Videos are amazing in that they can convey culture and connection directly to the viewer. The watcher can see who you are and how you operate. Seeing a person is also important to promote connection and understanding. Everyone gets the same message, so everyone is one the same page. This is so important when training a remote team. Misunderstandings can lead to inefficiency. But videos are a fun way of keeping things moving. Video training will keep things popping in your business!


Humans are a diverse lot, and video can appeal to them all. So I hope you look at setting up a whole library of instruction videos to train your team. Give your team high quality, clear messages, while enjoying a high energy fast paced workplace, even when working remotely. 

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