Exactly How Systems Create Business Growth


All the daily aspects of business management can sometimes feel like a bit of a hamster wheel, and make it difficult to push through into new areas of growth for your business. Serving your customers, keeping up with admin, managing your team and so on, leaves you working in your business, rather than on your business. It’s difficult to get out of that cycle, which can so easily become like the groundhog day of your enterprise, and that is the last thing we want.


Business owners need to experience growth, change and reward, and optimising business systems is literally the only way business owners can achieve sustained expansion across every area of their business. So developing new systems or processes is exactly how you can set yourself up to experience growth in a way that’s lasting and sustained.

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“Experts in every field agree on the transformative power of systems” Mark Joiner, Simpleology


As a direct result of that, of course, your team is working in the best possible way. They will be increasing output and productivity, and your profits will be able to grow. Because of implemented systems and processes, consistent revenue will be generated and ongoing excellence in performance is achieved.


When you prioritise the development of your processes, the first thing you’ll discover is that your team can grow more efficiently. Well documented systems and processes will cut onboarding and training time in half, so once you have locked down the best way of doing things, you are able to take on new staff members at a faster rate.



Gaining set and improved systems will also mean your team will be confident and performing well so that their capacity for work itself will be greater. This will, in turn, grow your business overall, you’ll be able to serve more customers, you will have an enhanced reputation in the community, and you’ll be able to expand to further outlets. 



This in turn will grow you as a leader in your business, with the impact you’ve been wanting to achieve. This will trickle through not because you’re working harder, and not because you’re working longer hours or doing better work. It will be because you’re duplicating the impact that you have through the teams and systems that you’ve built.



Finally, this will give your business a lasting impact in the community, where the difference that you make in your environment and in society will be something that will last. Not because it’s dependent on a burst or people working harder, or people putting in more effort, but because you have solid systems in place to take more of the burden.


So if you feel like you’re stuck in a bit of a rut in your business right now, you may want to take a look at how you can change that by changing the systems you use to operate. Notably, when Łukasz Tartanus of Procesowcy.pl was looking into the process maturity of 236 Polish companies in 2016, he found that 69% of companies had documented repeatable processes, but only 4% measured and managed them. Using such insight, it is important to make sure that once you’ve developed the optimal systems and processes in your business, that you then lock those down into standard procedures, and continue maintaining them.


I hope that’s really helpful, and that it’s inspired you with ideas about how you can really move forward into the next season of growth in your business!

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